Thoughts on Dreams

Well, whats coming - I'm not sure how to explain things really just that I try to work out what dream mean and how do they relate to real life... or is this the dream and there is the real world... any how its in progres

School with todays knowledge

It was a class reunion of sorts. We had gone back to school times but were aware that we were out of the normal view of time. We we are from now but for a temporary area of time we were in our young bodies from school times and sitting in a class room.

The class was geography although we were not actually doing any work, we were on the first floor, in a class room at the end of a corridoor. There was about 20 of us in there, and it was a monday.

We had all changed in some form although those that used to cause trouble still did. and tried to torment people including myself. I was aware that I could do something about it now and just not really rise to the temptation and just move on. It wasn’t easy but it also didn’t seem to bother me so much.

I had a friend that I’ve lost contact with over time. Her and I used to be good friends through infant school, juniors but split to different schools for secondary to start with but in the end she came to the same as mine but we lost contact and fell apart. She was one of the “popular” group and I never was that.

I saw her in the room and just went over to her to start talking to her, for her to remember me. Both aware that this was like a waiting room – a place to stop and connect with people from the past but with the knowledge that we were coming back to now. People to start with kept coming over and trying to take her away from me speaking, but I told them to leave and they did.

We talked for a while, then she said she could remember me and then kissed me. Someone tried to stop that – but it was am unexpected kiss and enjoyed and then exhanged details from the future for when we got back. We lived now very far apart but could meet up in April as I’m in that area. I can’t remember the address now, the only part I recall is part of the post code starting with “BD1 1″ with and “F” somewhere too.

I found it quite surreal as had access to all knowledge of now, but was in the body of me when I was about 15 in school. I always did wonder if I was back then knowing what I do now if I would have the confidence to talk to people I dared not to then. In my dream it seemed I did so seems my mind and attitudes have changed somewhat since then which is comforting.

Can you imagine it to have been real though and if the connections were valid. If I could have remembered the address and had organised a meetup time. Would be nice to see where we are now compared to then and not have just been talk.

School with todays knowledge

While laid at home, knowing I’ve been working for the past several years I get the feeling that I am missing some classes. I don’t know what classes, just that I should be somewhere. An image of stairs keep appearing – sets of stairs with black rubber banisters with lots of people going up and down to multiple floors. I should be somewhere that isn’t here, but where and what am I studing and then start to remember…

Several years ago, I attended university and didn’t get through my final year and so didn’t complete the degree. I’ve a HNC which covered the years upto and including some of my final years points. I’ve always wanted to return to complete the degree just to say its done rather than for the qualification itself. I’ve not known what I wanted to complete it in, I’ve looked into IT (Which I did the rest in), but also in psycology, environment, law, business, aswell as many health based sciences. Its never felt finished and thats what I think is bothering me.

I decide I am going to go and learn and put my name down for a general course, pack up what I think I’ll need and head to the house I was told to go to. The journey seemed almost instant, the thought to where to go after leaving my current home and then I was there at the new place.

The House

Walking into this house with a selection of bags not knowing who I will be living with for the next few years. I was one of the first to enter, and just sat on the couch talking with the first few that came in. Someone brought a couch with them, it was dark green and looked a little comfey but they seemed to just drag it behind them as they walked on their own. It ended up in the lounge and we started to explore.

I went into a bedroom and just stayed there without really looking any further. It was up some stairs, the staircase was curved like in mansions with enough room for 5 or 6 people to walk up side by side. It was about half way up, a door on the right side leading into a room with a double bed at the end. The room was quite big but looked quite long, their was a small onsuite bathroom near the end and no-one else seemed to have access to it. It was quiet and peaceful and a few windows to see out into the gardens. I just stayed there for a while, and dropped all my stuff off realising I’d not brought any bedding sheets just lots of clothes.

I started to explore, and continued up the stairs and found a landing area which was quite large and could be used for an extra lounge if wanted. Along the side there was more rooms, there was some girls taking stuff into rooms and I said “Hi” and introduced myself. Their room was a double room, two friends had organised to stay together and were unpacking. They had a smaller room than mine however did have a extra rooms attached within aswell as an en-suite.

Over the other side of the landing area there was some doors I could see people moving around, and headed over to discover that there was more than one level and it went up more stairs to more rooms – in total there was at least 10 more bedrooms, some with one person others with two people and the house was quickly filling up but there always seemed more to explore.

I met people I’ve not seen for years, knowing them but not really knowing them. I’d worked with them on teams on projects around the country and we were together in the same place. Some saying “I can’t believe you decided to come”, others “congratulations – its going to be amazing”. I made a lot of new friends and met with lots of new ones.

On the landing there was a set of doors at the top of around 4 long steps that were locked. These then opened from the otherside and it looked like we were directly connected to a place like a students union but that was the only connection. The rest of the place was ours, but if need be we could enter and exit the house via there.

There was loads of almost empty rooms, with areas to site, and places to have a TV or other entertainment . There seemed to be a lot of toilet areas, every bedroom seemed to have one aswell as a shower and there was more than one downstairs, aswell as around the place. There was several kitchen areas on each level – it seemed that you could just relax and live in any part of the place.

We all congregated in the enterance lounge where there was a lot of talking, music, and snacks. Introducing one to one another talking of what our plans were when someone came in and asked if we’d been downstairs. We followed to find a relax/workout area with 3 large rooms quite brightly lit. First room was a gym, with a lot of different machines, the second like a studio that you could dance or run events in and a third that I liked the most – a place to swim and relax. A pool about 10m x 5m and just past it 3 rooms; a steam room, a sauna and a third that seemed a mixture of the two. Aswell as a huge bubbly jacoozi bath that would easily fit about 12 people in comfortably.

The thought of “why would we ever leave here?” came to mind, but as it did we were instructed to go to the large hall. The weather was nice outside – not cold but not hot either, it was sunny and pleasent – comfortable to be out in a T-shirt and shorts. We headed out as the house group and met together in the hall.

The Hall

This place was different, it was compulsary for all people to get and be fit – it was part of the life lessons and training of this place.

Stood in a large sports hall we were split into groups, the line I was put in, there was only about 6 of us total and one person was told to start running around – through the front enterance and round the building and other events. We were inside – I got a little lost and then came back to find the other 5 people in a line spread apart about 2 metres between them. I asked what was going on but no one said anything. The guy leading the group came over to me and started to talk, recongnising who I was but then turned away and I no longer heard him. I tried to get his attention but some one else had to get him so I could speak to him. I told him that sometimes I would not hear him if he turned away and I couldn’t see him speak. He seemed confused then told me it was my turn to start running.

Running – we had to go outside and run around the area – it was around about 1500 meters in total. Sent out one at a time to run and avoid the other activities. There were several groups of people playing football, and other ball related sports and I came close to bumping into people and the ball itself allowing it to miss me, and keep going. We were told it was the first step to working up to the daily 15 mile run that we would be doing. For some reason, the thought excieted me – I’ve always wanted to get fitter and this seemed an opertunity to do it.

While running, I caught up with someone else from my group that had started before – she was not finding it as easy as I was and we started to talk – not the best move while running. It all became a lot harder then – at least for me. I slowed, she speeded up and vanished ahead of me. Another guy, that knew me came up and ran with me, encouraging me to keep going as i had planned too and slowly I got through it. There was lots of random obsticals like poles, and traffic cones and random building matterials scattered in the running path aswell as fencing the you needed to turn quickly while moving to get through the gaps or jump over.

While outside on this relativly short run I started to jump and realised I was jumping larger than I should be and recalled its like a dream this, and I wonder if I can fly – I tried as have done in previous dreams but didn’t have the control to do so and came to the conclusion I was running faster than normal and jumping larger distances because I was going fast rather than dreaming.

I got back to the hall again to find people looking towards me, I don’t know why but at that point their was a flash and then I awoke from the dream world. I didn’t want to forget this place, and hopefully I will return so I write it down and share it now.

Until it continues, here I am.

Did I, am I missing classes or something…?

I went home as usual after a normal day to get home to feel that something was not quite right – it was home but it wasn’t at the same time. I put my key in the door and turned knowing something was not right. The air felt cleaner, fresher and happier than normal. I opened the door and saw the people that used to live where I do now – it felt strange for a minute then OK.

People were just sitting in chairs talking, no TV, No radiators, just a window and some seats with some people in them. As I opened I realised I was home but not in my time – I knew for some reason that it was the past and I was walking in it. I said “hello” as did they and they offered me a drink and I sat with them. They asked how I had a key, and I said I buy this house in 2005 and have the key from there. They tell me its only 1975 so that was not possible. I talked to them knowing their names and that also confused them.

They also ask what I was wearing as it was something they’d never seen before. I was wearing a black hoodie – it was a cold day. After talking for a while I went outside. There was no fenses everywhere – just backs of houses and mini gardens. Around the front there was drive ways apart from my road where there was train tracks (now a cycle path). I didn’t see any trains but when asking the others they said they’d never had any either.

I was talking with the people in the area, I felt drawn to certain houses and went and talked… I noticed people staring towards me and instead of ignoring them – I went and talked with them. One person indroduced themselves after I had, and I asked what was wrong – they told me their mother in law had just died and was not happy, I offered to listen even not ever meeting the person before – it felt right too but they declined but thanked me and went inside.

People, kids and adults were playing in the street – games with balls and just having fun. Skipping, and a happy feeling was all around.

Not sure what is going to happen next, but looking forward to returning to the dream world and seeing what happens…

Back in time for Home…

Its been bondfire night but still its on my mind. I’ve always enjoyed sparklers and using them with friends.

On a misty night a few of us went out and wandered – we had heard that there was a possible secret passage through the park to an awesome display. The queues to get to it normally were so packed that it was impossible to really get anywhere and even though fireworks are in the air, we couldn’t see well. People were taller than us and had umbrellas that they tipped so they could see and blocked us from seeing anything so we went to investigate.

We wandered to the park and found some trees that looked like someone had scratched something into – it was a strange symbol or shape or something had been stamped into it. It was round with a triangle inside it. There was two trees with the shape on it slightly apart – enough for us to push through and we went for it. Really glad I had boots on – it was really muddy and I’d have probably lost my normal shoes.

We seemed to be moving through bushes for ages and then one person slipped, and went down a gap – when we tried to help and put our hand out we pulled oneanother down the gap into a very dark and muddy place. The slide was fun, reminded me of being really young and playing out and wondered what adventure we were going on.

We were in a mud cave, the sides were slimey yet strong, the ground had cobbles – large stones that seemed to be steady enough to walk on. There was some sort of light coming from the sides of the walls, we could see where we were going but no idea how the light was produced.

We wandered for a while and then came to an opening. We could see the fireworks area was so close – the crowds seemed to be behind a barrier that we had gone under. There was a play park with swings – we went over and sat and swang. It was a fun time – we could see the entire display and we got a seat – it was awesome.

The music pounding went with the fireworks, and could really feel the bangs going off. Maybe we were a bit close but still it was awesome. Afterwards we tried to head back but couldn’t see the way we came and headed towards the crowds to be escorted out by security as we were somewhere we were not meant to be. We headed to the car again.

We found the car after the display – it was a small car but enough room to get us all into – althou we were covered in mud. I was glad there was always a few towels and cleaning stuff in the car – it meant the car wasn’t too messed up. We all got in and eventually got out to the road to be stopped – totally blocked getting nowhere.

We saw some cars turning onto the grass and followed them. We turned infront of the stewards (noticed afterwards) and headed over the field. People were in the field letting fireworks off heading for the cars but there was a stream of cars heading across to the alternative road on the other side. We got near and everyone was stopping – never a good thing on wet mud unless you want to sink.

We turned to the side and went around them, and accelerated off the kerb to the road, one friend shouted “Wait!” it was too late. All we heard and felt was a big clunk as the kerb was a lot higher than we thought but due to us going quite quickly we bounced and as the second tyres went down there was no second clunk. We drove fast and got away – Only thinking about what had happened afterwards and what damage could be done to the car.

We headed back and all seemed well, we stopped off to check car and nothing was wrong – it all seemed good, we laughed and headed down the road only to come to a junction with a LOT of traffic coming. We got out just ahead of it all – looking back there were car lights as far as we could see in unison. The turn to get out was close – someone turned right into the road as we turned out – we switched places and it was so close and we shot off.

It was a fun night, althou wondered what would happen next as the whole time had been an adventure. I wondered if we’d find the passage again and what else could be around there. Are there more tunnels just like what we found round there… maybe we will find out some time.